is a go has finally reached a point where I am satisfied with it enough to show it to people.  I’m not in love with it, but I am satisfied.

My eventual goal, once I get some more pretty work done to display in my portfolio, is to redesign my portfolio with a more dynamic presentation of my work, and have the main page be the portfolio page.  I’m thinking, the main page is basically an image gallery of web pages, then there are smaller links to an About page with a resume, a Contact page, and perhaps a Services page?  As a beginner, I’m not entirely certain what exact services I want to offer.  Maybe in a year after I’ve done some more web work, it will become more clear.

But for now, I am content with my portfolio.  It’s a good portfolio for a beginner – at least all the links work and all the HTML validates.  What else can you ask for?

A Professional Blog Launches

It’s going to take practice to write serious blog posts.  I’m usually so glib all the time.  I’ll try to stay professional here and save my flippancy for my personal blog.